Gerlof de Vrij

Senior Portfolio Manager

Gerlof de Vrij is a Senior Portfolio Manager leading a macro volatility portfolio and running the Amsterdam office. Gerlof enjoys working at Capstone for the combination of having his feet in the mud and being able to help with improving the overall investment strategy with the help of the Amsterdam-based team. Gerlof joined Capstone in 2017 from Blenheim Capital Management where he was Chief Investment Officer. While at Blenheim, Gerlof continued developing and deploying strategies initiated when he was Managing Director of Absolute Return Strategies at APG Asset Management. Prior to APG, Gerlof was Head of Strategy and Research at PGGM Investments and Philips Pension Fund. Gerlof also worked for ABN AMRO’s Economics Department, asset management division and the dealing room as an Assistant Professor at Radboud University.

Gerlof received a degree in Monetary Economics from Tilburg University.

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