We see the world differently®

Capstone is a global, alternative investment management firm.

Different by design.

Established in 2004, with headquarters in New York and offices in London, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Stamford, and Boston, Capstone is committed to the evolution of asset management.

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“I think the firm has been built to be in a position to excel when most firms pull back.
It’s in our DNA.”

— Duncan Valentine, Head of Investor Relations and Client Solutions

A particular approach.

We seek to harness the complexities of global derivatives markets with disciplined strategic insight, an experienced, accomplished team and advanced technology to create sustainable value. We’ve created a particular approach to investment that we believe drives continuous improvement and opportunities for our clients, team and industry.

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“We have both the institutional experience and infrastructure that should allow us to take advantage of unique market opportunities.”

— Raj Suryadevara, senior portfolio manager

Disciplined collaboration.

As a team, we maintain exceptional standards and support one another to achieve them. We nurture open and continuous collaboration, aiming to deliver results with objectivity and humility.

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“We do demand high standards, and we expect the best out of our team, because at the end of the day, we are a results-based business. We recognize that we have to support the growth of our team, individually and collectively.”

— Paul Britton, Chief Executive Officer

Good returns.

At Capstone, we seek to channel our knowledge and particular perspective to create opportunities to do good for both our clients and community.

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“We encourage a collaborative culture for sharing ideas and intellectual capital.”

— Julian Stein, Director, Client Solutions

Transcendent thinking.

At Capstone, we constantly aim to expand our view of how WE SEE THE WORLD DIFFERENTLY® in order to create opportunity. Our commitment to provoking the evolution of asset management provides us with a perpetual hunger for knowledge that we believe drives the improvement of our particular approach to investment.

“We’re trained in knowing how to deal with volatility across different instruments and asset classes. We actually go towards volatility, and we believe that is a unique skillset.”
— paul britton, chief executive officer
Thought leadership

Capstone’s thought leadership publications are designed to explore, simplify and explain the concepts around derivatives strategies and volatility as an asset class.

“We partner with our investors to think about opportunities in the derivatives world, and how they can seek to manage risk in their portfolios most effectively. We share the experience and market knowledge of the teams we have within Capstone who operate across a wide range of asset classes globally.”
— Jonathan Sorrell, President

Volatility Unpacked

Breaking down the basics of volatiltiy.

Volatile Issues

Interesting volatility-related issues to be aware of.


At Capstone, exploring risk and its associated benefits is a part of our DNA. Our Captivate series of lectures and discussions aims to bring in leaders from diverse walks of life—who also view the world differently—in order to help us understand their unique approach and learn from their experiences.

Tactical negotiation in volatile situations

Understanding the tactics of NYPD hostage negotiation and how to diffuse volatile situations.

Disciplined strategic excellence in application

The application of a focused and strategic approach to calmly overcome the odds.

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