A message from our CEO: COVID-19 update

To our clients and partners.

Our thoughts are with you all during these challenging times.

Since the onset of this pandemic we have prioritized our commitment to our team’s health and safety. We were prepared for remote operations long before mandates for social distancing were implemented.

Progressive transparency is a key value to us at Capstone. Employing it with discipline through these uncertain times has enabled us to adapt proactively to evolving health and safety challenges, keeping our operations uninterrupted and our investment strategies agile, while we continue to deliver exceptional client service.

I am proud of each and every member of our team and continue to support them in their commitment to their families, communities and our clients and partners through the ongoing social and economic impacts of this unsettling time.

Please take care of yourselves.

Paul Britton

Different by design.

Capstone is a global, alternative investment management firm operating across a broad range of derivatives-based strategies with a deep understanding of volatility. With approximately $9.3 billion of AUM and 200 employees1. Capstone was established in 2004 and is headquartered in New York with offices in London, Amsterdam, Stamford, and Los Angeles. Through strategic insight, market-leading expertise and advanced technology, we seek to anticipate and harness the complexities of world markets, creating unique opportunities for our clients, team and industry.

“Many of us started down on the floor, which we believe makes us volatility-savvy people used to working in an adverse environment, and as a result, we approach business differently.”

— Matt Tonelli, Head of Trading


Our team is comprised of a diverse group of nearly 200 accomplished individuals who collaborate and adapt proactively to source a sustainable advantage for our institutional clients. We are dedicated to providing the support and training to ensure that each and every individual on our team can achieve their very best.

"You get a lot of exposure at Capstone because we trade across so many asset classes. There’s all this complexity and experience in the business, so everyone is immersed in a tremendous learning environment.”
— Robert Kolodziej, Head of Business Development


Capstone currently manages approximately $9.3 billion1, representing a diverse set of sophisticated global institutional investors, including public and corporate pension funds, university endowments, charitable foundations, sovereign wealth funds, insurance companies and banks.

1 As of July 1, 2021.

Investment Platforms.

Capstone has two separate but complementary investment platforms: CGM and Capstone Solutions.


Multi strategy approach trading derivatives across asset classes and regions, with a focus on volatility and relative value

“We have a collaborative, multi-portfolio manager approach to investment strategy.”

— Amy Herrup, Director, Client Solutions
Capstone Solutions

Customized mandates and strategies tailored to client needs across the volatility and derivatives spectrum

“Our Solutions business works in collaboration with our clients to provide customized solutions to meet their constantly evolving needs.”

— Margaret Lucas, Senior Vice President, Investor Relations

“We believe strongly in delivering transparency to our investors because, ultimately, we’re managing their assets, and we feel they should have a very clear idea as to the exposure they have.”

— Paul Britton, Chief Executive Officer


Rishabh Bhandari

Senior Portfolio Manager

Scott Brindley

Senior Portfolio Manager

Paul Britton

Chief Executive Officer

Felix Cua

Chief Risk Officer

Jason Goldberg

Senior Portfolio Manager

Heather Haigh

Head of Human Resources

Rick Hanna

Chief Operating Officer

Sean Huba

Chief Technology Officer

Robert Kolodziej

Head of Business Development

Kevin Kornobis

Chief Financial Officer

John Moffatt

Senior Portfolio Manager

Kannan Niththyananthan

Senior Portfolio Manager

Katrina Paglia

General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer

Thomas Stott

Operations Manager

Raj Suryadevara

Senior Portfolio Manager

Matt Tonelli

Head of Trading

Duncan Valentine

Head of Investor Relations and Client Solutions

Gerlof de Vrij

Senior Portfolio Manager

“The firm strongly believes, more than any other place I know of, in volatility as an asset class. We just have this belief in volatility.”

— Jordan Sinclair, derivatives research specialist


Founded in 2004, Capstone’s journey is continually defined by expanding our services around our core capability of embracing volatility to find opportunity.

2004 Capstone Holdings Group is founded.
2006 Capstone opens London office.
2007 Capstone launches its multi-strategy approach to trading derivatives across asset classes, CGM.
2009 The Global Volatility Summit is founded.
2010 Capstone Solutions is launched to provide customized mandates and strategies tailored to client needs across the volatility and derivatives spectrum.
2013 Blue Owl purchases minority stake in Capstone.
2015 Capstone launches the Volatility Research Forum.
2017 Capstone opens Amsterdam office.
2018 Capstone opens Los Angeles office.
2020 Capstone opens Stamford office.

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