Capstone has Seven Guiding Principles








Collaborative Culture

With direction from the leadership at Capstone, the firm supports and encourages a collaborative and intellectual environment among its Portfolio Managers and across disciplines. The following methods enable a collegial culture and Capstone believes that trading-oriented strategies benefit when the Portfolio Managers understand market structure and flows. The flow of knowledge among Portfolio Managers and through relationships on the street is a cornerstone of our strategy and approach.

  • Weekly meetings are led by Capstone’s CEO and CRO with active participation by Portfolio Managers, Traders, Compliance, and Investor Relations. Attendees share information regarding market flows, asset class movements, and upcoming events.
  • Idea sharing is enabled through the weekly meeting, smaller investment pod meetings, electronic chats, and regularly scheduled reviews with management and the Investment Committee.
  • Capstone seeks to employ smart, talented and intellectually curious professionals. By nature, these individuals tend to thrive in Capstone’s culture.
  • Finally, Capstone hosts regular team-building events both in and out of the office throughout the year which serve to maintain the team-like culture.