Matt Tonelli

Chief Risk Officer

Matt Tonelli has served as Capstone’s Chief Risk Officer since 2010 and has been with the Firm since inception. For 13 years, Mr. Tonelli managed derivative portfolios across every asset class. In 2002, Mr. Tonelli joined Mr. Britton in what would eventually become CHG in 2004. Initially, Mr. Tonelli was Capstone’s Head of Fixed Income and Foreign Exchange for 3 years before becoming the Firm’s Global Chief Risk Officer in 2010. Mr. Tonelli began his career in 1997 as an equity and index options market maker on the CBOE and AMEX.

Mr. Tonelli is a Partner and member of Capstone’s Management, Best Execution, Compensation, Dev Steering, Valuation, and Investment Committees. Mr. Tonelli received a BA from University of Pennsylvania and a MS in Risk Management from New York University’s Stern School of Business.