A message from our CEO: COVID-19 update

To our clients and partners.

Our thoughts are with you all during these challenging times.

Since the onset of this pandemic we have prioritized our commitment to our team’s health and safety. We were prepared for remote operations long before mandates for social distancing were implemented.

Progressive transparency is a key value to us at Capstone. Employing it with discipline through these uncertain times has enabled us to adapt proactively to evolving health and safety challenges, keeping our operations uninterrupted and our investment strategies agile, while we continue to deliver exceptional client service.

I am proud of each and every member of our team and continue to support them in their commitment to their families, communities and our clients and partners through the ongoing social and economic impacts of this unsettling time.

Please take care of yourselves.

Paul Britton

New York

Sybase Consultant

Key Responsibilities:

  • Work in cooperation with senior developers to migrate an existing Sybase-based platform to MS SQL Server 2014
  • Responsible for porting and rewriting exiting Sybase stored procedures, views, triggers and user-defined functions that are used by a mixed of C#, Java, C++ and Python applications to run on SQL Server
  • Test, debug and troubleshoot application compatibility issues on SQL Server
  • Implement using a sound database design principle with the ability to performance tune inefficient SQL queries

Desirable Candidates:

  • Minimum 5+ years of Sybase development experience w/strong command of SQL
  • Minimum 5+ years working in financial / hedge fund industry, must have a good understanding of trade processing
  • Strong knowledge with stored procedures, triggers, user defined functions…etc, be able to re-write them to work with SQL Server
  • Must have experience with Sybase ASE version 15.7 or 16, and SQL Server 2012 and up
  • Hands-on experience with migrating Sybase platform to MS SQL Server
  • Understand database optimization and performance tuning
  • Strong knowledge of Unix bash shell and Python scripts
  • Knowledge of Sybase replication a plus
  • Strong team player


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