A message from our CEO: COVID-19 update

To our clients and partners.

Our thoughts are with you all during these challenging times.

Since the onset of this pandemic we have prioritized our commitment to our team’s health and safety. We were prepared for remote operations long before mandates for social distancing were implemented.

Progressive transparency is a key value to us at Capstone. Employing it with discipline through these uncertain times has enabled us to adapt proactively to evolving health and safety challenges, keeping our operations uninterrupted and our investment strategies agile, while we continue to deliver exceptional client service.

I am proud of each and every member of our team and continue to support them in their commitment to their families, communities and our clients and partners through the ongoing social and economic impacts of this unsettling time.

Please take care of yourselves.

Paul Britton

New York

Financial Planning and Analysis


We are looking to hire a dedicated financial planning and analysis professional.  This is an opportunity to define, build out and perform the financial planning and analysis function for a fast growing firm.  This role will be a key member of the Management Company (Corporate) accounting team, report to the Management Company Controller and spend a high percentage of their time working directly with the CFO.  There will also be significant exposure to the firm’s upper management and various department heads.

  • Financial projections/modelling
    • Maintain the firm’s detailed financial projection model with the ultimate goal of providing a real time, user friendly financial dashboard
    • Enhance current model to allow for in depth scenario analysis including impact of fund returns, investment team compensation (see below), projected management and performance fees
    • Streamline current model to reduce the time required to update, ideally by connecting to the firm’s existing trading platform to pull key drivers of fund performance
    • Reformat current model to make it more visually presentable and transparent, including developing charts and graphs to enhance reporting
    • Develop longer term planning models (3-5 year projection)
  • Financial statement analysis
    • Monthly/quarterly analysis of key metrics (revenue, expense, margin, hiring, etc.)
    • Develop new predictive metrics and key performance indicators
    • Profit center analysis
  • Budget
    • Manage the firm’s budget process from beginning to end
    • Lead meetings with all department heads to gather thoughts on planned spending, tracking asks vs. needs, finalizing the budget and then tracking budget vs. actual variances
    • Work with department heads to identify areas where spending can be reduced or renegotiated (e.g. analyzing multi-year agreements for cost savings)
    • Streamline and automate budget creation and reporting processes
  • Cash planning/projecting/modelling
    • Refine our cash projection model and connect it to the financial model to allow for more seamless updates
    • Analyze current and projected cash balances to determine levels of cash available for investing in the firm or funds
    • Manage currency and hedging of projected expenses across USD, GBP, EUR, AUD
    • Reformat current model to make it more presentable and transparent
  • Investment team compensation
    • Calculation of payouts for the firm’s portfolio managers
    • Scenario modelling and analysis on the payout structures for the firm’s portfolio managers
    • Scenario analysis of netting risk cost
  • Non-investment team compensation
    • Work with HR to stay on top of hiring initiatives and update projections as plans change throughout the year
    • Forecast compensation expense as part of annual budget process and perform budget vs. actual analysis on current year forecast
  • Ad-Hoc Analysis as the need arises



  • Looking for someone with roughly 8-10 years’ experience
  • Prior financial modelling experience is a must
  • Advanced technical modelling skills required (Excel, VBA, Tableau, etc.)
  • Strong financial presentation skills (e.g. ability to design reports to be understandable and insightful)
  • Commercial mindset towards financial projections, portfolio manager payout scenarios and cost reductions
  • Ability to partner with department heads to create budgets, understand cost drivers and generate cost savings


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